Package org.apache.axis.utils

Interface Summary
JavaUtils.ConvertCache It the argument to the convert(...) method implements the ConvertCache interface, the convert(...) method will use the set/get methods to store and retrieve converted values.
ParserControl ParserControl is used to control particular behaviour of the parser.

Class Summary
Admin Handy static utility functions for turning XML into Axis deployment operations.
Base64 Unceremoniously lifted from jakarta-commons/httpclient/src/java/org/apache/commons/httpclient/ Revision 1.8 2002/01/05 11:15:59 Eliminates dependency on sun.misc.Base64Encoding, which isn't appreciated by the J2EE security manager.
BeanPropertyDescriptor This class represents a field/property in a value type (a class with either bean-style getters/setters or public fields).
ByteArray Class ByteArray
ByteArrayOutputStream This class implements an output stream in which the data is written into a byte array.
CLArgsParser Parser for command line arguments.
ClasspathUtils Utility class for constructing the classpath
ClassUtils Utility methods for Class Loading.
CLOption Basic class describing an instance of option.
CLOptionDescriptor Basic class describing an type of option.
CLUtil CLUtil offers basic utility operations for use both internal and external to package.
DefaultAuthenticator This class is used by WSDL2javaAntTask and WSDL2.
DOM2Writer This class is a utility to serialize a DOM node as XML.
IdentityHashMap IdentityHashMap similar to JDK1.4's java.util.IdentityHashMap
IDKey Wrap an identity key (System.identityHashCode())
IOUtils Utility class containing IO helper methods
JavaUtils Utility class to deal with Java language related issues, such as type conversions.
JWSClassLoader Class loader for JWS files.
LockableHashtable This subclass of the java Hashtable allows individual entries to be "locked" so that their values cannot be overwritten or removed.
Mapping this class represents a mapping from namespace to prefix
NetworkUtils Utility classes for networking created 13-May-2004 16:17:51
NSStack The abstraction this class provides is a push down stack of variable length frames of prefix to namespace mappings.
SessionUtils Code borrowed from for generating a secure id's.
SOAPMonitor This is a SOAP Monitor Application class.
SybCollectionStats Each AxisServlet instance represent one collection.
SybStats SybStats has the statistics for requests and enable time.
tcpmon TCP monitor to log http messages and responses, both SOAP and plain HTTP.
URLHashSet Class URLHashSet
XMLChar This class defines the basic XML character properties.

Exception Summary

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