Class LogMessage

  extended byorg.apache.axis.handlers.BasicHandler
      extended byorg.apache.axis.handlers.LogMessage
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LogMessage
extends BasicHandler

This handler simply prints a custom message to the debug log.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void invoke(MessageContext context)
          Invoke is called to do the actual work of the Handler object.
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Constructor Detail


public LogMessage()
Method Detail


public void invoke(MessageContext context)
Description copied from interface: Handler
Invoke is called to do the actual work of the Handler object. If there is a fault during the processing of this method it is invoke's job to catch the exception and undo any partial work that has been completed. Once we leave 'invoke' if a fault is thrown, this classes 'onFault' method will be called. Invoke should rethrow any exceptions it catches, wrapped in an AxisFault.

context - the MessageContext to process with this Handler.

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