Package javax.xml.rpc

Interface Summary
Call The javax.xml.rpc.Call interface provides support for the dynamic invocation of a service endpoint.
Service Service class acts as a factory of the following: Dynamic proxy for the target service endpoint.
Stub The interface javax.xml.rpc.Stub is the common base interface for the stub classes.

Class Summary
NamespaceConstants Constants used in JAX-RPC for namespace prefixes and URIs.
ParameterMode The javax.xml.rpc.ParameterMode is a type-safe enumeration for parameter mode.
ServiceFactory The javax.xml.rpc.ServiceFactory is an abstract class that provides a factory for the creation of instances of the type javax.xml.rpc.Service.

Exception Summary
JAXRPCException The javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException is thrown from the core JAX-RPC APIs to indicate an exception related to the JAX-RPC runtime mechanisms.
ServiceException The javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException is thrown from the methods in the javax.xml.rpc.Service interface and ServiceFactory class.

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